A new beginning with an old friend

My local timber supplier once said to me, "Wood is simply amazing". And he is right about that. Forget metal, clay, wool or stone; wood is the king of all materials. It is both alive and dead, maleable and rigid, weak and strong. It adds warmth to our households and stability to our roofs. It shelters us from the wind and gives us a shade in the heat of the summer.


We've probably all found ourselves bewildered by the majesty of trees during our childhood, but for me it wasn't until I discovered the potential of wood in the scientific process of dendrochronology (tree ring dating) when I realized just how good a friend wood has been to humanity. It is stunning to think that 400 year old trees felled by a storm can be used today to make beautiful hardwood floors, but it is even more awe-inspiring that we can still accurately date wood 15,000 years old (or more) and conclude that it used to be part of a bridge or a granary. That is what I call a long and true friendship and it is really amazing.


Wood in all its shapes and colours, in all its smells and textures, that is what appeals to most of us. The grain on a bowl, the elegance of a tabletop, the robust presence of a cupboard,... We run our hands against it and place it under our noses. Our relationship with wood is ancestral and appeals to that most primitive part of the human mind. It comforts and nurtures today as it has for thousands of years.


So today, I turn a new page as I attempt to share my love of this magical material with others. With my creations, I hope to share some of the ideas and designs that I find most fascinating.

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